Angel Figurines

Angel Ornaments, Decorations

Alab Black Angel And Baby

CODE: AGO310-33812

• Tall and slender, this elegant angel has white wings and a pink-tinted dress. • She cradles an infant lovingly in her arms. •... More

Blue Angel Figurine-Porcelain

CODE: AGO310-38080

• As her wings and flowing gown stir gently in the clean country breeze, a slender folk-art angel tenderly clasps her hands in thanks for the simple... More

Angel W/Baby Figurine

CODE: AGO310-38961

• Atop a fluffy cloud, a sweet-faced angel lovingly cradles her happily smiling tot; below, a message declares if a little angel lives with praise,... More

Floral Girl Figurine

CODE: AGO310-12376

• Dressed in her flowing sunset-hued robes, a demure young fairy strikes a pretty pose as dragonflies dance daintily around her. • Handmade by... More

Cherub Twins

CODE: AGO310-38958

• A twosome of tiny angels keeps careful watch, casting their loving gaze upon each moment of your everyday life. • Cast in antiqued marble-look... More

Pink Rose Fairy

CODE: AGO310-12378

• A beautiful maiden gazes into the velvety folds of her favorite flower, as a summer sunrise paints her wings in shades of pink and gold. • A... More

Porcelain Angel with Harp

CODE: AGO310-37426

• In a splendid gold-accented gown, her blonde curls cascading past her shoulders and her harp at the ready, she’s a winged wonder indeed!... More

Violet Blossom Angel Figurine

CODE: AGO310-12412

• A flaxen-haired angel arrives with the first breath of spring, bearing a blossom and bunny to symbolize winter’s end. • A happy reminder... More

Moonlight Fairy Tealight Holder

CODE: AGO310-38703

• A sweetly smiling fairy maiden perches upon the moon's crescent, dreaming wondrous dreams on a balmy springtime night. • From the petals at her... More

Peach Blossom Angel Figurine

CODE: AGO310-12410

• A garden angel is a pretty reminder of summertime’s joy, with her wreath of blossoms, leafy wings and petal soft trumpet flower gown. •... More